Hygiene recommendations and measures


we pay attention to increased hygienicmeasures, your safety and health potection. Please excuse the reduced comfort in hotel rooms. We apologize for restrictions on some service to which youwere accustomed. Please followhygienic principles and procedures.

We wish you a pleasant stay and thank you for your understanding.

Pension Labyrint

Entrance with face mask

Please enter to the inside only with mouth and nose protection. Disposable face masks are available on reception.

Hand disinfection and increased personal hygiene

After entering to the hotel, please disinfect your hands and pay attention to increased personal hygiene.

Maintaining a safe distance

Keep a safedistance of at least 2 meters from other customers and staff.

Follow the instructions and recommendations of staff.

Pay cashless

Please pay cashless by card or mobile phone.

Use a disinfectant after handling the payment terminal or money.

Room cleaning

Rooms are regularly and intensively cleaned after each stay according to hygienic standards.

We intensively clean and disinfect all contact surfaces and objects, such as keys, handles, switches etc.

Decoration in rooms

We removed decorations and textiles from the guest rooms.

Each roomis cleaned afterthe guest's departure according to strčit hygiene regulations and standards.